Sunday, April 19, 2009


well heres my first shot at the blog thing. been trying to take as many photos as i can and throw them up here...hopefully try to keep it in some sort of order. i missed a lot of cool stuff but ill get better at it over time.

we started off the first night in hollywood. it was a blast and we got the full experience but i didnt take any photos soooooo...just imagine that part i guess.

leaving SD

loaded to the brim!

starting milage

olls balls ready as ever

minty fresh

only photos i got from LA are of the next day... gas station break after selling some nikes for 360 bucks (suckers)

ollie not impressed

finally leaving southern ca traffic; i almost lost it....too much too often.

what i would give to do this trip in this thing! that airbrush job is amaaaaazing


set up camp in big sur. the weather was the most perfect we could have asked for the entire time

my ridiculously too big has windows

the beach campsite

then we went and checked out a waterfall with freezing refreshing water and all sorts of things to see


then we pushed some stuff down a hill. what more could you need?

then we woke up had breakfast and saw one of the most amazing places ive ever dont do justice.

cant really tell but this is the very edge of a huge sheer cliff with a reallllly rocky shore line and crashing heavy waves. its like out of a stomach sank even 5 feet away...getting to the edge was terrifying

after a couple days of hanging out and seeing the sights we jumped in a few more bodies of water and headed north

big sur river

we went and met up with justins sister kristen and stayed with her in the back country mountains of santa cruz... vegetation everywhere.

best thing about this house? solar powered, bee boxes, huge piece of land, NO TELEVISION, just a record player.

we went to a local bar (a log cabin) and met some pretty amazing people...mountain folk at their finest! i dont know if all of them were too happy about us being in their bar but we met a few friendly characters (mark, the 65 year old man who'd done just about everything with his life and we heard allllllll about it! and that other guy who likes to fish..a lot.) locals going behind the bar to make their own drinks and falling off stools. what a place, highly recommended.

then we got to my grandma's house in santa cruz to rest our bones and take hot showers.

since then we've gone to pacifica and partied at a 95 year old womans birthday bash, had a party for the party after the party with just us young folk and it realllllly let loose. lil wayne, skynard, in house music studio, t-rex's first rap song recorded and mastered (nursery rhymes comin 2010) and more. also, half moon bay and cliff jumping in a no-trespassing john cardiel local spot on a 90 degree day in northern california...but ill save that for another time. this blogging stuff is hard and i sort of like life without the internet anyways. i can confidently say ive spend more time outdoors than in in the past week and i hope to keep it that way. you should try it.

back in santa cruz tonight sleeping in a bed for the first time in a week and it feels pretty good. weird, but good!


  1. sick blog dude....hope u dudes are living it up. ive driven to Big Sur freaking beautiful...keep in touch and be safe queers.

    -Andrew Arthur

  2. I'm jealous, I'm coming to visit though, I'll hunt you guys down!