Wednesday, May 20, 2009

been doin stuff

decided its our last week in s.c. and we are going north after work on friday. justin has been working a lot at a farm in soquel. ive been working there too. its fun, i like being outside and seeing progress on something your working on...

been reading a lot lately. read the genesis code, angels and demons, and just started on 'hells angels' by hunter s thompson. got a super old copy from the 60's. 2nd edition. old books are just better feeling for some reason.

half way into it its a pretty good read...i recommend it. he doesnt make them look glorified or anything like that...i think they beat him (hunter s thompson) up after the book came out because it made them look bad. still a good read regardless.

we saw a pirate in capitola. wish we got a photo of his whole get-up cause it was sooo good

justin finally joined the darkside and got a tattoo! i was dumb and didnt take any photos of him actually getting it but i think we can all imagine that part. i went to get a burrito and when i came back it was done...

its his tent! the one thats been with him for ages, im psyched on it. good idea

now this bar is something else...heres why. its ONE block from the house we've been at for a has real wooden swinging saloon doors. its called 'over the hill gang saloon' and thats exactly what it is....a gang of old timers. im not exaggerating when i say we are the only people under 50 EVER in there. theres not a lot of spaces, and usually the guys have their bar stools reserved for them so you better not take one of em.. now heres the good part. ive got a lot of family up here and a family member named 'uncle stacy' (i dont even know his exact relationship to me...but hes uncle stacy.) was a biggg time regular at the over the hill gang saloon. so much so that when he died a few years back my family took his ashes to the bar and had a final drink before spreading his ashes over the ocean a couple blocks up. so when i heard that i HAD to go in and check it out..after all it was walking distance from the house. i asked the bar tender if a stacy lee sounded familiar? she knew right away and even claimed she 'could tell by lookin at me' because apparently we have the same eyes? haaa!! anyways...she actually had a framed photo of him IN the bar...thats history. and she also claimed that his ghost still hangs out there and that people see or hear him playing dice every so often. the rest of the night we ended up toasting to the photo (too many times i think...) and listening to stories from jo-anne who's worked there for 20 years. she took a photo of me to show her mom i existed and to prove that i actually came in there cause he mom wasnt going to believe it. i didnt get any photos from that night cause it was a spur of the moment decision to stop in so i had no camera...but of course we went back a couple times.

we went right after justin got his celebrate it.

this guy was the definition of 'over the hill gang' hes been there a long while and definitely has a reserved bar stool.

my memory gets a little hazy at this point after the saloon closed but im pretty sure lil chrissy wanted to trade me boards cause longboards are no fun...i said nuh-uh. oh lil chrissy.....

took the saloon vibe back to the house. last call cant hold us back!

my grandma has a really good condition camera from the 70's and shes letting me use it..we got it to work and took a test like a charm. now i gotta figure out how to take good photos with it and then ill be posting them up. maybe sending them out to all you people as postcards...

take note of the art on the wall.

heres the farm. i plant things and hang outside.

so many beagles many.

justin does the hard driving stakes into the ground. it'll give you real good hand cramps and blisters.

thats it for now. i want to finish this trip on a motorcycle more and more everyday..

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