Monday, May 11, 2009

camped @ the mountain, adventure club, mothers day

dave mike thatcher and anthony came up from S.D. and hung out for his past weekend and we went to the lonely mountain to camp. jake and cass also came up from costa mesa! they stopped by on their way to the city to see a grateful dead show and it was really good to see them. the wedding is coming up real soon for them and im in it! also, i found some old photos of my grandparents, mom and aunt in a old photo album. i took photos of photos so they weird quality but they are cool to see...i like finding little gems like that. mothers day at my grandmas house was nice, the rest of the family around santa cruz came. my mom is pregnant which makes it a pretty exciting mothers day for everyone and the baby is due sometime in september! little sister 23 years younger than me!! im going to be old by the time she is old enough to hang out with me. haha

heres a drawing i sent to my grandparents when i moved to arizona. maybe i was trying to describe what i lived around at the time?

my mom

my grandpa

my aunt

won some sort of beauty pageant? posed next to the camaro, doesnt get much better than that.

my family is pretty much the coolest ever.

camping at the lonely mountain. this is little chrissy. awww, he went to bed early cause he was ty-ty.

thatcher writing something. secret plans? adventure club rules? who knows.

jake and cass drove up to check it out, wish they could have stayed the night and seen the place in the morning. they saw grateful dead the next day

suddenly mike got real tiredddd. oh so ty-ty.

then we parted ways, the boys went back to s.d. and we decided the next adventure club meeting was lake tahoe. dont forget!!

went straight to a mothers day feast at my grandmas house..forgot to take photos.

thats it for now. justin is working at a farm for probably the rest of the week (as much work as he can get) and then we are going to head north. s.f., camping in the great wilderness north of the bay all the way to portland. i almost bought a motorcycle but it sold yesterday before i could go check it out today. just missed it. maybe ill buy one in portland.

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  1. Rad photos, I'll forward the link to the other guys too.