Saturday, June 27, 2009

been in portland exploring

riding my bike a whole lot lately...never drive. and it feels nice. today we rode about 25 miles (each way) out of the city to a place called sauvie island, all the way to the opposite side to a nice beach on the river that looks at washington across it and mount saint helens (the volcano that blew its top off) and mount reiner (i think?)

today it was me justin and colin that did the ride. i had the ol' fixie, justin had his single speed and colin had his heavy 10 speed schwinn with all sorts of bells and whistles and extra things to weight it down. luckily i have an amazing ipod speaker that i rigged to my backpack so we had loud music the entire way to keep us going. colin ended up taking the bus back cause he couldnt hang...poor babbbbbbbby.

i think i have some random photos from the last time we drove to another river on the opposite end of portland, so ill put those up too.

at the river the other day

rode out to the country today, some photos i tried to get the mountains in the background but couldnt capture it on the camera..

waiting for colin to catch up. awwww.

colin laggin' in the distance.

notice a trend of me taking photos of colin lagging?

check out colin on the bus passing us by...

gettin back into the city

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  1. rad sights, dude, stoked you guys are having fun. your faces are missed in the ENC though.