Tuesday, June 2, 2009

last night in santa cruz-PNW camping-portland

havent been able to get cell phone reception where we've been at lately let alone internet so ive got about 200 photos of the past few weeks to sort thru to see whats worthy of putting up. most of them are deep green forests which can get pretty boring to look at in a photo, but they dont do it justice. some of the most amazing scenery ive seen in the past few weeks for sure. left santa cruz and slowly made our way to portland...camped along the way.

internet is slow here

packed up and ready to leave santa cruz

we got word of a realllllly rough ghetto rigged spot in the middle of some farm land on the coast, just by luck we stopped at the right area and found it. it was fun but had a whole lot of rocks and glass and weeds growing in between cracks.

then we headed to half moon bay to justins moms house where we helped her clean out tear down and build back up her toolshed in the back to make it livable...a pretty gnarly undertaking. lots and lots of decades of rotted wood and stuff inside. generations of rats living up top too.

HMB loc's and justins long time friends

day 2 or 3

justins moms house, straight out the backyard to mavricks. google 'mavricks surf' if you dont know how big that wave is.

finished up in HMB and went north to S.F. stopped at san gregoria where molly and t-rex's mom work at a general store. its real country. i mean, REAL country.

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