Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of july

forgot my camera on the 4th of july here in portland! blew it! it started off kind of slow and wasnt sure if i was going to have any fun (i started to miss encinitas 4th of july not gonna lie...) but then it picked up and turned into a good time. evan plays drums in his moms blues band (candy kane) and they were headlining the portland bluesfest on the waterfront. it was an awesome set up, with a lot of people. i think its one of the biggest (or THE biggest blues festival in the country) and his mom killed it! shes awesome, but the icing on the cake was that he got us to watch the show from the side stage. if we didnt have that special treatment we wouldnt have even been able to see them without binoculars from way in the back. we got the VIP treatment and then watched fireworks behind the stage on the river right after. thanks again and again to evan and his mom!

found a random song on youtube of them at another blues festival recently.

wish i would have taken photos but blew it on that...

but i did discover that i like willie nelson. ide never really listened to his music until the other night we were hanging out somewhere and someone put on an old willie nelson record and i had no idea who it was but i liked it. hes been around a lot longer than i thought. i grew up thinking he was a strictly country kind of guy who just made cameo's in movies every once in a while. but nope, hes actually got a whole lot of good songs.

and if im putting videos up might as well go for it.

he got better with age. if this video doesnt give you goose bumps then your hopeless!

more people should know about bill callahan.

oh yea, i did some fancy art stuff today. it felt good to make something out of nothin. maybe ill do that more often..

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