Saturday, January 9, 2010

im seriously slacking on this thing

a lot has changed but i dont need to tell you guys that cause you probably already know...not in oregon anymore, made my way back down to sunny sunny san diego, back at the skeight-six-six (6) encinitas house. just picked up right where i left off but with a refreshed state of mind.

picked this up last night, and i feel like its a wholeee new chapter!!! realll excited for future rides with motorcycle mead and dawley and the rest of the gang!!!

what else is new? so much, im probably forgetting. i have no idea...but i broke my camera on new years eve. we had a party and it was a blast and ill leave it at that!

ernie, no shirt at the bar, with a pony tail. ugly sweater party 09

i opted for a little number that was more american than it was christmas for the sweater party...but america invented christmas so whatever......KK hooked up the sweater AND the vest from the D.A.V. downtown...definitely a keeper.

those are the least incriminating photos ive come across so i'll leave it at that.

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