Thursday, September 30, 2010

been a while

im really bad about updating this thing....but i'll regret it later on if i dont. its too easy to throw random things on here that will later turn into good memories. i'll thank myself later i think...even if nobody looks at it. what do i care!

the following are a bunch of photos i poached from people of our 20+ person motorcycle trip from san diego to big sur and back a little while ago. it was a man's-man chase truck, no wives, no lady friends, non of that...just dudes on bikes with their fingers crossed hoping it went smooth. with that many people it was bound to be interesting...especially with the all star cast of characters that committed to going. i knew most of the people on the ride, some were perfect strangers, and i think thats a good thing.

we were suppose to leave at 9am sharp from oceanside but we didnt get on the road til about 2....things happen. we had 2 or 3 bikes that hadn't even gone on their maiden voyage yet. scrambling with welders, tools, 5 guys on each bike, trying to get them up and running. what better maiden voyage than 800 miles in a weekend right? we finally got on the road and split lanes like madmen thru LA. its hard to keep that many people together in a pack during heated southern california traffic scenarios....but i think we did a good job looking out for each other. we inevitably got split into packs but we'd reform once the road opened..

the oldest bike was from the 50's, and the newest were brand new road warrior soft, cushiony, high speed cruisers....we even had a few baggers in the mix! there were triumphs, harleys, hondas, BMW's, hardtails, softails, swing arms, cafes, bobbers, choppers, zig-zag wing wong bing bongers, all sorts of crap screaming along the highway. we had one break down but overall ide say we did pretty good. everyone made sure their machines were up to par before. i was guilty of some pretty last minute preparations myself and didnt get my cargo rack/sissy bar welded on until the night before (did i mention my headlight went out on the 5 freeway at 1am on the way back from that? that was a thriller)

trying to tell every little story would be pointless because if you werent there then you dont know...hell, even the photos arent really that good. we kind of blew it by not inviting anybody who was hyped on taking photos. everyone just wanted to ride...and thats exactly what we did. maybe next year we'll let a chase truck come to document it all. the following photos are poached from various people that snapped iphone photos here and there when there was a spare moment. the one thing i regret is we didnt get a 20-bike line up shot...we were too excited the whole time to stop and line them all up.

met up extra early at lennys house to play the 'hurry up and wait game' for the rest of the day. i went thru a few dozen ways of trying to pack my bag with only 3 or 4 bungee cords cause im retarded. luckily ive got a few spare brixton leather belts that held my gear together the entire trip. a huuuge thanks to the stoddard's and everyone @ brixton for getting us all together for this trip. couldn't of happened without their motivation to get it goin'

somewhere in orange county


team workin' to try and get j-lee back on the road. that little bike is rad!

ruined some bars in santa barbara...really broke that city in.

literally stopped in the middle of nowhere....back canyon roads for miles and miles just the bikes and no cars around...came up to a general store where a bunch of random hippy kids were all hanging out trying to kill a 30 pack of coca-cola and watch their friends band play called 'whiskey piss'. sounds like a rad punk band...but not the case. it was an amazing jazz/folk/weird two man band, a kid on drums and some crazy old grey bearded bum that lives in town playing awesome covers. we coulda stayed here all night!

two of the most legendary human beings, oliver and clare the millionaire

slept a little

vultures lurked in the AM

legends battle it out

belly button tattoo reads "i <3 beer"


it got there

and hes downnn

big sur has amazing roads

lenny, chenry & i stayed an extra day and went farther north (as we didnt have m-f 9-5 job obligations to get back to like the rest of the crew...)

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