Wednesday, April 22, 2009

santa cruz-HMB-pacifica

theres been a heat wave since we got here and im not complaining. nothing to do most except try and stay cool in some sort of body of water....not a bad time.

met up with justins sister at the farmers market in santa cruz where she sells little starter veggies for people to put in their gardens. everyone in santa cruz is so 'earthy' and super psyched to meet you. they arent just 'oh hey nice to meet you' but they are genuinely interested in whats goin on and all that...its refreshing. good people everywhere.

then we drove to half moon bay to drop off ollie at justins mom's house...10 year old house behind mavricks (google it, famous surf spot with massive waves and lots of great whites)

saw some AWESOME tank topper killin it on a segway with his crew.

then we went to pacifica for layla and celenas (probably spelled both of those wrong) grandma's 90something birthday party! (i think she turned 94 or 95) and she was killin it. i was the youngest person there by far, we had a good meal and saw some pretty amazing things. we all sat at the kids table (under 30) and tried not to laugh inappropriately at the speeches and singing (there were a few old timers who grabbed the mic and started singin)

this is gloria doing a dance with a candle on her head. impressed.

the rest of the photos are mostly me and justin sitting back and dying laughing at the zoom feature on my camera...i felt so bad for laughing at stuff here but we were tired and delirious and everything was so damn funny..

after that we partied realllll hard with the kids table into the night (in house studio rap sessions, lots of things...) woke up the next morning, jumped in the freezing cold great white territory waters and drove back down to santa cruz.

we stopped off at a little reservoir on private property (the 'no trespassing violators will be shot' kind of place) to cool down cause it was HOT. and totally worth it...such a rad little cliff jump spot with cooooool refreshing water.

then headed back to santa cruz and hung out did lots of stuff blah blah blah

heres 'the lane' and ollies new beagle friend...yep. two beagles!

thats it for today, ide rather read a book on the deck out in the sun...its way too nice to be on a computer.

starting to read 'survivor' by the guy who wrote fight club...i think it'll be good. someone i miss got it for me. hopefully im doing this blog thing right...

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  1. Nice work, keep it up. Don't worry, you guys aren't missing anything here, just us working like suckers while you guys get to play.