Monday, April 27, 2009

santa cruz

we've been in santa cruz for a little bit now and ive been slacking hard on taking photos...i feel like all the stuff ive put up so far has been just the tip of the iceberg as far as good fun and experiences go. we've made lots of new friends and seen a lot of new things and its only the beginning. we went to the flea market with bella and jamie (some new friends) yesterday and had a blast. so much good old stuff, we were there for a few hours and i didnt even notice how fast time flew by. what else did we do? lots of bike rides, beach, saw a old school 60's surf contest at pleasure point. my birthday, we drank some beers, (too many for me) and went to see some local music. right now i dont know the band name but ide know it if i heard it. anyways, it was fun (from what i was told) and i woke up the next morning hurting pretty bad and not remembering too much. thats how it goes on your birthday i guess! either way, i got no photos of any of that stuff so just imagine it all.

most of these photos are random and scattered so ill try to figure it out as i go along.

a cool old upstairs bar called 'red' here in santa cruz. i only got a photo of the stairs for some reason, but its cool enough to show. the place is an old brothel and its all old dark red wood and dark red carpet with maroon velvets and stained glass and all sorts of cool stuff.

done a lot of bike rides

heres the house we've been staying at a lot. bella, jamie, chris and kristen all live here, its an amazing place. the photo of the dog and the cat on the couches are funny because the cat muffin HATES ollie is a passion. ive never seen a cat stalk and attack a poor dog like ollie....its the craziest thing. funny though. and ollie looks like a robot dog with laser eyes. is it laser or lazer? i like lazer better....the Z makes it more badass sounding. lazer eyes.

we had a BBQ with steak chicken and sausage. chris went a little overboard with the cayenne pepper on the steak and it was real spicey, but we all enjoyed it and ate every last bit. didnt get much photos, but it was fun. oh yea; we had an unplanned nickname party. mickey, ricky, dicky, slash, rowdy, barb, barbarella, phillapeanut, and much more im sure that pop up quiet often now.

today (monday) was a little cloudy and overcast all day so we went to scotts valley and skated the skatepark. its really fun but some locals told us its cursed and we shouldnt go there (a couple people have died! its a gnarly place i wont lie) but we had a lot of fun anyways and ill probably go back a few more place. mountains and trees in the background too are a plus. we also went to the downtown santa cruz skatepark.

bio diesel gas station, only in santa cruz

thousand miles into it

we went to bella's work at santa cruz mountain brewery, a local organic beer place. they brew all their beer with organic good ingredients and have a small little bar the size of some peoples living room but way cooler. rad stuff on the walls, popcorn machine, dogs allowed, laptop powered music (listening to whatever we wanted all night), good people, amazing stories, making ourselves at home behind the bar, surrounded by wineries and bakeries (free bread!) and real good beers. the end.

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