Sunday, May 3, 2009

more santa cruz

we've gotten pretty comfortable in santa cruz lately, its been raining the past couple days but im not complaining. ernie came up and hung out for a couple days and brought our bikes and a copy of fubar! now i have absolutely every material item i need......!

ill try to organize the photos of our past couple days best i can. i scored some good water proof timberland boots on sale today for hiking which im pretty psyched on...and i ordered a new book online cause i breezed thru a few already. ('survivor' by the guy who wrote fight club was really good, i recommend it.)

played disc golf with tim for the first time...its harder than you'd think. its not just throwing a frisbee around. it was a blast.

then we met up with john-fa!!! OH MAN, what an insane amount of energy for one person to have. gotta love john-fa "ey dudeeee!"

he took us to some weird ass 'party' with a bunch of weird santa cruz kids...and they played music while sitting around indian style on the floor. we were in and out pretty quick.

then we took off and made our own fun. found a couch in the middle of santa cruz and hung out and had a 3 person outdoor house party.

then the next night (i think? i get my days mixed up) we saw the black lips! it was really really fun, good small venue and people were all having a blast!! so hot and beers were thrown everywhere and everyone was psyched to be there.

next day we went up to the 'lonely mountain' out in the cuts of the woods, like a 15 minute drive from the nearest mountain town up a one lane winding road on a huge piece of property. they have everything you need to live and never have to leave....chicken and duck eggs, deers everywhere, a huge garden...and the house was amazing. built by a bunch of local redwoods...outdoor kitchens and bathrooms! amazing, cant describe this place you just gotta go there. one of the coolest places ive been.

they had 3 day old kittens. justins lighter next to them to show the size, not animal cruelty.

then we went on a hike around the property, acres and acres.

it got a little tricky some parts of the hike cause of all the rain lately...mud and wet leaves. took a break at the top of the mountain where you could see all the way to the ocean..i feel bad for whoever had to bring those chairs all the way up! probably an ATV..but still.

thennnnn we went back to civilization but not before stopping in the mountain town nearest to the place and had quiet the encounter with some locals. a old guy and his son bought us a calzone cause he said we looked hungry and wouldnt let us go starving without some food. and then he talked about all sorts of crazy stuff....

went back to santa cruz and went on a 10 or so mile bike ride after that gnarly hike.

thennn we went out for the night, talk about tired.

epic dance night going on, they let a homeless guy or two in...and boy did he smell. i mean, really cleared the dance floor..

chris and justin got in a battle over a burrito mix up!

next day it was cold and rainy but we made the best of it


  1. We'll see you in a few days, driving up with
    Thatch, Mike and Anthony friday morn about 2am.

  2. hey, wheres the "property" some of these photos are taken, ill be passin thru santa cruz in less than a week on my bike and want to check it out if its open to anyone? email me at, thanks heaps.